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Liquidmetal Design Guide 5.0 is Now Available

Liquidmetal Design Guide 5.0 is Now Available

Liquidmetal continues to evolve in parallel with technology. These advancements are reflected in the newly released Liquidmetal Design Guide 5.0, which features expanded data on LM106c—that recently became ISO 10993 certified.

LM106c expands the possibilities for metal parts more than ever before, leveraging unique material properties, including precision, strength, corrosion resistance, hardness, elasticity, and durability. The newest iteration of our Design Guide provides design rules and manufacturing best practices, allowing you to take full advantage of LM106c’s unique properties and process. The advancements featured in the new Design Guide include:

  • Ability to mold larger parts with thinner cross sections
  • More cost-effective materials and production processes
  • A proven volume production system that is currently producing millions of parts

We look forward to helping you explore the possibilities Liquidmetal creates for your next high-performance metal part.