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Liquidmetal’s LM106c is Now ISO 10993 Certified

Liquidmetal’s LM106c is Now ISO 10993 Certified

Have the design limitations imposed by traditional medical device materials been holding you back? Liquidmetal is pleased to announce that LM106c is now ISO 10993 certified. The properties of this unique amorphous alloy have the potential to break down barriers and create new possibilities in the design of your next medical product.

LM106c underwent rigorous biocompatibility testing to achieve this certification. This process confirmed the material’s suitability for minimally invasive medical devices. Imagine what increased precision, strength, hardness and corrosion-resistance will mean for your next medical innovation.

Experience Distinct Advantages Over Other Materials & Processes
LM106c is poised to take device manufacturing into the future. Three distinct advantages Lquidmetal has over conventional materials and processes include:

  • Out-of-the-Mold Advantages—Liquidmetal’s LM106c has increased strength, hardness and corrosion-resistance right out of the mold, as opposed to traditional alloys that require costly heat-treating and coating. This improves device safety and durability.

  • Achieve Complex Shapes—Intricate device shapes can be molded in a single step with LM106c. This capability allows you to combine multiple parts into one while eliminating expensive machining requirements.

  • Unparalleled Precision—Liquidmetal offers better precision than MIM and stamping processes. It allows for plastic over-molding with improved shut-offs and reduced flash. As a result, the assembly and functioning of your device is improved.

Now, you can gain market advantage with the confidence that comes from using an ISO 10993-certified material.