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Protecting Our Brand

Liquidmetal recently has become aware of unauthorized uses of our trademarks and copyrighted materials by unaffiliated third parties which appear to make claims or suggestions of ongoing ties to the Company. These parties employ ambiguous language and misuse licensed trademarks and imply a present affiliation that bears no resemblance to reality.

The materials employed by these parties detail and appear to coopt our efforts to develop specific consumer, automotive, and medical applications. While we take appropriate action, we ask that our investors, partners, and customers remain vigilant. Take care in checking the source of such claims; the most valuable information about Liquidmetal can be found on our website ( or in official media statements attributed to Liquidmetal. If material or claims related to Liquidmetal are found elsewhere, a wise reader would exercise caution.

We maintain a robust international patent portfolio on materials, processes, and applications for bulk metallic glasses, and we have been selective in how and to whom we license access to that technology. We work closely with outside counsel to develop and implement IP strategies to protect our patents and trademarks from infringement, and it is regrettable that we have encountered customer confusion in recent weeks.

Our investors, partners, and customers should rest assured that we are taking this matter seriously—communicating and clarifying for those confused, consulting outside counsel, and acting directly with the offending parties to prevent further confusion. Liquidmetal management has made this a priority from the top down. From Professor Li: “The Liquidmetal brand is well-known and it can be very tempting for competitors around the world to use it for themselves. It is a strong asset to the Company, and we will protect its value.”