Wondering how Liquidmetal® Alloy might work for your application? We invite you to speak with our scientists and engineers about this innovative, industry-changing process. We're challenging everything you know about metal parts processing. Why not challenge us?

What is it?

Liquidmetal is an amorphous alloy that is revolutionizing modern manufacturing. This alloy uniquely combines the strength of forging with the ability to mold intricate and complex parts in one step. With twice the strength of titanium, Liquidmetal parts deliver repeatable molded features within ±50µm (±0.002”), and an ultra-low shrinkage rate of 0.2%.
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Who is it for?

Looking for a better option than your current manufacturing method can deliver? Our patented alloys and process provide Nearest-to-Net shape parts with unrivaled quality surface finishes right out of the mold. Our alloys are preferred in various markets, including: medical, aerospace, military, commercial, sporting goods, & energy applications.
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New Case Study

Today’s modern missiles are capable of incredible targeting precision, thanks to highly sophisticated guidance and flight control systems. We have written a brief case study examining the crucial requirements of supersonic missiles and the cost of manufacturing an example missile fin (canard).
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