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Injection Molding
How to Mold Metal Like Plastic

The Science of Metal Injection Molding

The Liquidmetal alloy is formulated to frustrate crystallization that typically occurs as metals solidify. This eliminates grain boundaries to create an amorphous structure that maximizes strength and elasticity.


Liquidmetal maintains a liquid-like atomic structure in a solid state. Common alloys migrate into an organized grain structure.


Liquidmetal is in a category all by itself. It has the strength of metal with the elasticity of plastic.

Liquidmetal has Superior Material Properties

The material properties of Liquidmetal are a result of the constituent elements and the metallic glass structure of the atoms.  These two variables create a new alloy that can be injection molded with very high strength and high hardness.

Most materials with these two characteristics will also be very stiff and brittle, but Liquidmetal is unique by maintaining incredible elasticity.

The injection molding process and atomic structure also lend to great precision and surface finish for Liquidmetal. By maintaining the same amorphous atomic structure between the liquid and solid states, Liquidmetal avoids shrinkage that could otherwise cause defects or distortions.

As Molded Properties

Elasticity Comparison

Imagine… Designing a custom spring with a superior metal injection molding process.

Liquidmetal has 3x the elasticity of other metals and gives you the design freedom to replace plastic with a low modulus metal alloy.